Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the Estimisor App and how to use it, please check below to see if it has already been answered.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

Looking for more information on the categories & options? These can be found in the help index, here

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How do I create an account?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Estimisor App;
  2. Press the “Register” button;
  3. Enter your details in the fields  and press the “Register” button OR press the “Facebook” button to register with facebook;
  4. Proceed to login using the account details entered when creating your account;

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How do I login?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Estimisor App;
  2. Press the “Log in” button;
  3. Enter your details in the email & password field OR press the “Facebook” button to login with facebook;
  4. You should be logged in;

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How do I get a Property Estimation?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Estimisor App;
  2. Login – (if not already logged in);
  3. Press the green “New” button at the top of the property list screen;
  4. Press “Property Estimation” on the menu that pops up;
  5. Fill in all the address details, the appropriate dwelling and/or land sizes (in m2) & property type to create the property;
  6. Complete the form to enter all the details about the property;
  7. Click the ‘Buy estimate’ button to purchase the Property Estimation;

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How do I get a Renovation Estimation?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Estimisor App;
  2. Login – (if not already logged in);
  3. Press the green “New Estimation” button at the top of the property list screen;
  4. Select “Renovaton estimate”;
  5. Enter the Property type and address details;
  6. Select “Edit original property” (Be sure to complete the original property first);
  7. Select “Start renovating”;
  8. Click on proceed in the popup to continue;
  9. Make any changes as desired (Simulated Renovation on the property);
  10. Once finished making any changes to the renovated property, press “Back” to return to the calculation page;
  11. Click the ‘Buy estimate’ button to purchase the Property Renovation Estimation;

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What are the property types?

There are several property types to choose from, selecting the correct type is crucial.

Below is more information about the property types to help make the correct selection.

  • Apartment
    • Within an apartment building with 3 or more floors above ground;
    • Building usually has a lift;
  • House (Acreage)
    • Block size generally more than 4000m²;
    • Free hold land;
    • May not have access to town water & sewerage connections
  • House (Suburban)
    • Block size generally less than 4000m²;
    • Free hold land;
    • Includes Duplex;
    • In general, will have town water/sewerage connection
  • Land (Acreage)
    • Land/Block size more than 4000m² (1 Hectare/2.47 Acres);
    • Free hold;
    • No dwelling;
    • In general, will not have town water/sewerage connection available
  • Land (Suburban)
    • Land/Block size less than 4000m² (1 Hectare/2.47 Acres);
    • Free hold;
    • Not Rural;
    • No dwelling;
    • In general, will have town water & sewerage connections available
  • Townhouse
    • Not in an apartment block;
    • Usually 2/3 stories tall;
    • Adjoined to another dwelling;
    • Generally within a strata complex;
    • Has a garage/carport;
  • Unit
    • Single story;
    • Within a strata complex;
  • Villa
    • Small single story dwelling;

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How recent are ‘Recent Renovations’?

When completing a ‘Property Estimation’ or the ‘Original Property’ of a ‘Renovation Estimation’ Rooms such as bedroom, bathroom and kitchens present an option for recent renovations. The renovations should have been completed within the last 5 years to be considered recent.

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What should I do if I get the following warning message..

“We currently have no statistics for *property type* within *suburb postcode* so we will not be able to give an accurate estimation for this property” – when creating a property?
Unfortunately – as the warning states – we currently don’t have the required statistics for that property type within that suburb.

Check that the property type, state, postcode and suburb are correct and try again.

If, after checking – it is correct – at this point in time we will be unable to give an accurate estimate of that property within that suburb, feel free to enter the details of the property however we still will not be able to calculate an estimate.

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What if my estimation is out?

Dimensions need to be accurate. When it comes to subjective points such as a view, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Try to enter the information as though a third party would see it.
For more information, please see the help index.

First step is to go back and check back through the details entered and see what has been entered.

Go into the property details page by tapping on the ‘edit property details’ button in the property & double check the following has been entered correctly.

  1. Dwelling size (if appropriate)
  2. Land Size (if appropriate)

These dimensions are critical to calculating the estimation and require accurate data.

For instance, if a dwelling size has been guessed and input based on a hunch or a guess, there is no chance of getting a good estimation. The same can be said of the land size.


  • House with a dwelling size guessed to be 350m², when in fact the dwelling size is actually 250m².
  • That is 100m² more (an extra 40%!) of internal area. For a house, that is a massive increase and this will be reflected in the estimation – leading to an over estimation.

Some other points we recommend checking:

  • Zoning
  • Another common reason that leads to an incorrect estimation is incorrect zone selection. This can generally be looked up on local council websites. A phone call to your local council should be able to point you in the right direction.

  • View selection
  • A significant factor in many properties can be the view. There is a section describing the different types and categories of views in the help index. You can find the help index here.

  • Approximate building age
  • Building age is another factor that can easily be entered incorrectly. It is important to know the correct age of the building/structure.

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Dwelling Size (m²)

Another common mistake is entering the dwelling size in “squares”. This will not work, for more than one reason.

  1. Estimisor works with m², therefore the dwelling size must be entered in m².
  2. The ‘Squares’ unit of measurement can also include areas outside the external walls, under the eaves. This means it may not be accurate to simply convert from squares to ‘internal dwelling size (m²)’, as the number of ‘squares’ may include the roof coverage area – not the actual internal dwelling area.

Note: Squares can still be found in property advertisements or on building plans from time to time.


  • House with a dwelling size of 25 squares, is entered as 25
  • Lets assume for this example that the internal dwelling size is actually 220m²
  • With this information, Estimisor will calculate the estimation based on a dwelling of 25m², not 220m². The other problem this presents is that, as stated above, squares can include area under the eaves. Critically, this means that a simple conversion from squares to m2 can still not be correct as it could include that space under the eaves, which is OUTSIDE – as being internal to the dwelling.

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How do I calculate the Dwelling Size (m²)?

There are many online tutorials andavailable to help with this. Feel free to find one you like with a bit more explanation or see below for a simplified guide.

Things you will need (to do it the old fashioned way):

  • Tape measure (to measure the length and widths of the rooms)
  • Pencil/Pen & Notepad (to write down measurements)
  • Calculator (to calculate and add up the area)
  • A little time & patience

Steps to calculate the area in m²:

  1. Take a piece of paper and sketch out a floor plan of the house interior. It doesnt have to be a work of art, its just so that you can have an idea of what is where and keep track of where you are up to (so you dont miss an area or do the same room twice).
  2. On the sketch, split the house into measurable rectangles and mark these on your sketch (sometimes it helps to number these). More rectangles will help to minimise problem areas that might not be parallel.
  3. Measure the length and width of each rectangle and write them down against the references to the numbered rectangles (making sure to round to atleast the nearest 0.1m)
    EXAMPLE: Rectangle 1 – L: 4.4m W: 3.3m A: …..
  4. Calculate the area of each section (do this by multiplying the Length x Width of each rectangle) and write down the area (m²) next to each numbered rectangle (making sure to round to atleast the nearest 0.1m²).
    EXAMPLE: Rectangle 1 – L: 4.4m W: 3.3m A: 14.52m²
    TIP: It doesnt hurt to go over your calculations and double check them!
  5. Once you have finished that for each rectangle, add up the rectangle areas to get the total internal dwelling size (m²)

Some other things to take into consideration:

  • Include the garage area only if it is under the main roof structure.
  • Don’t include any attic space, that is storage space – not living space.

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I can’t press the [+] button to add the bedrooms or bathrooms

On some smaller devices (in particular the small iphones), the [+] button is there but cannot be pressed. Usually the issue is that the screen is just not wide enough. It can also be caused by having larger fonts enabled.

Simply turn the phone on its side (into landscape mode) press the [+] button to add the number of bedrooms or bathrooms you need to add and turn it back to the vertical orientation again. If it wont turn, double check it isn’t orientation locked.

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How do I receive my estimation?

After a successful in-app payment, the estimation will appear within the Estimisor app.

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What if my estimation doesn’t show?

Sometimes things just don’t work. From time to time there can be a technical error in the system. This can be a result of any number of issues from a temporary service disruption, unnoticed loss of internet connection to a power failure somewhere along the line.

Another common cause is the Estimisor system not receiving the confirmation of payment, from the in-app payment server (itunes or google).

To save time in handling the error, please check your account within the apple or google system (which ever system you have used to purchase the estimation) to confirm the payment has taken place and contact us via the contact form HERE
please include your receipt number so we can activate it ASAP!

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